Unfortunate Endings

Not the blog I was hoping to write, but uncontrollable circumstances (ie. my stupid body) have warranted otherwise.  As soon as we arrived in Santiago I crawled into bed and was stuck there for the next 2 days… Read More

Floating Islands of Puno

We had a few days to fill so we continued north for 3.5 hours by bus along the shoreline of Lake Titicaca until we reached Puno, Peru. Plus who doesn’t love a few more stamps in the passport,… Read More

On the Shores of Lake Titicaca

The bus ride from La Paz to Copacabana took about 3.5 hours. We found a good deal through Bolivia Hop and it only cost us $15 each. At one point along the way we had to disembark for a short… Read More

Dangerous Roads Ahead

Unfortunately, Lindsay was recovering from her big adventure in the La Paz public hospital, so I went solo on this trip. ~Aaron I took the day and booked a tour to ride down the world’s most dangerous road with… Read More

Discovering La Paz

We are typically the plan ahead type of people, but with the Salt Flats tour and no internet access we were lucky to have found such a great apartment last minute. The apartment is part of the Lhamourai Living Apartment Group owned and… Read More

Laid Up in LaPaz

WARNING: Blog content may be disturbing to some readers. For 2 weeks I had been feeling more and more sick. I kept blaming it on the high altitudes we were at (although I’ve never had a problem with… Read More

Uyuni: Salt of the Earth

The small, dreary, ghost-like town of Uyuni (“U-knee”) is located in the southwest region of Bolivia a few hours north of the Chilean border. It happens to be the coldest area of Bolivia and has a record low… Read More

High-ho It’s Off to the Potosi Silver Mines We Go

It took us a three hour bus ride up winding roads with nice valley views on a pretty comfy bus, with lots of dust, humidity and weird smells to get to the mining town of Potosi (“poe-TOE-see”). We… Read More

Horsing Around in Sucre

We are both feeling better and adjusting to the high altitude (9,214 feet above sea level) here in Sucre (pronounced SUE–cray). The thin air makes it harder to breathe and any small amount of incline feels like you’re dragging a… Read More

Off the Beaten Path in Santa Cruz

Our trip to Bolivia started with spending the first 2 hours of our 8am flight sitting on the plane still parked at the gate in deep fog. Ugh, glad we got up so early. Thankfully the plane we… Read More